The HOMERs Remember Glenn Nec

Glenn Joseph Nec was the son of Joseph and Dina Nec of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.   He is survived by his wife Lyn Nec,
his two children, Morgan Nec and Shannon Mueller, and his three grandchildren, Benjamin Nec, Myrica Mueller and Indy Mueller.

Glenn had a distinguished 38-year teaching career at Cherry Hill East High School
where he taught mathematics and building trades. 
After retiring, he went on to volunteer at the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge as the Facilities Manager
where he maintained the various buildings and cages on the property.
He also constructed a few new buildings including a flight cage and a pavilion.

When Glenn wasn't at Cedar Run, he spent his retirement traveling with his wife, Lyn.
They frequently visited sites with lots of wildlife such as Hawaii, Wyoming and Colorado.

When Glenn joined the HOMERs he became the leader of those who volunteered for work
at the Woodford Wildlife Refuge as well as many other sites.
Below are some reminders of all the hours spent doing charity projects.

Glenn (far right) ,,, at the Bunning Farm.

Glenn (far left) with his deck building crew ... at the Bunning Farm.

Glenn (far left) ,,, at the Woodford Educational Center.

... Glenn with Jim A.

... Glenn at a HOMER Night Out at Bob's.

Glenn with his wife, Lyn at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Glenn (behind Bob & Larry) and his pavilion "framing" crew.

Glenn (between Phil and Marty) at the finished pavilion.

Glenn with Carl