Remembering Jim Angermeier
Jim Angermeier was one of the original HOMERs.
He had recently retired as a Lieutenant from the Medford Police Department.

Jim actively contributed to the success of the HOMERs by
hosting our nights-out and participating in our trips to places far and near.

In those early years Jim was a great addition to our organization.
For those who remember Jim, he was our friend and we will forever miss him.

Jim in the cockpit during a HOMERs
trip to McGuire Air Force Base.
"All ready for take-off."

A gaggle of HOMERs and a Guest at
Lakehurst/Hindenburg Accident Site.
"Jim's red shirt makes him standout in the crowd."

At a HOMER Christmas Party.
Glenn Nec and Jim compare notes
on the benefits of being a HOMER.

At a HOMER Christmas Party.
Jim and Sue express their glee at being the
first to open a pollyana gift.

The HOMERs in Philadelphia.
On a beautiful spring morning these four
handsome older men are enjoying retirement
by visiting the Rodin Museum.

At a HOMER Christmas Party.
Jim talks with Joanne D.

Jim and others wearing their
new HOMER shirts at Phil's house.
HOMER Christmas Party circa 2004.