Charlie Kapeghian Remembered

Although Charlie was one of the newer members, it didn't take him long to make his presence known among the HOMERs. He enthusiastically participated in all of our trips, Nites Out, Homer/Homerette Dinners, and helped build our Web Site. But even more impressively, he immediately joined in with our volunteer work - especially at the Girl Scout Camp - more than "holding his own."

Frank, John, and Gary of the camp will really miss him. We HOMERs will miss him even more!

Charlie - it was really good to know you!

Jim, Lou, Charlie, George, Carl, Jerry, Phil, Bob, and Marty,

Charlie wearing his sailing gloves.

Charlie trims the sail.

Charlie make Marty laugh.

Hikers at rest.

Segway riders pause for a photo.

Nine HOMERS in there natural habitat;
a restaurant with a libation at-hand.

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Charlie Kapeghian Remembered